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Let's Go!

My Role

I joined MaxRewards as employee #7 to help scale design across the company with the ultimate goal to accelerate the company towards Series A. This involved two initiatives.

1. Define The Brand

Develop out the visual identity and create consistency across marketing and product.

2. Refresh The Product

After multiple discussions, we decided to give the entire app a refresh from the ground up.


The website and app were very inconsistent. Different colors were being used on each. There wasn't a cohesive brand identity for the company to scale with.


We made minor tweaks to the logo, defined the entire color palette, illustration styles, icon styles, and typography. The end result was a consistent and cohesive brand that walks the talk.

Complete Refresh

The app codebase was not scalable and the design was out-dated. The decision was made to move forward with "V3". A complete re-write and design of MaxRewards.

Visual Refresh

The app was re-designed entirely

Increase Consistency

A design system was built from the ground up and optimized for efficiency and consistency

New Features

Building on the foundation of the original app we added new features for increased user value

Top of the Funnel

Onboarding was one of the most difficult areas to improve. The north start metric of "connecting and account" ultimately decides if a user would retained with the uniqueness of MaxRewards requiring a connected account in order to use the app.


After the first release of onboarding with minimal changes to the flow, we used Fullstory to analyze how users went through the app. It took them on average of 20 minutes to complete onboarding.


We completely restructured the logic and flow, removing any friction points, reducing the the time of onboarding to less than 10 minutes and improved connect account conversion.

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We started with the wallet. The homebase for users using MaxRewards. Originally, the entire page had all of your bills, credit scores and cards. For power users, this was an information overload.

Please bring back the one column layout!

We launched with the two column layout and no ability to switch. While we thought it was a more creative layout, our users were quick to request the original single column.

So we fast followed with the option to choose your preferred layout, along with the ability to sort the cards to the users preference.