Tips for Designing a Graphic Design Resume that Sticks

I'm a designer specializing in product & branding, helping businesses and companies discover who they are and building them with purpose.

My philosophy is simple — good design is the result of asking tactical questions.

Design can look beautiful and function well too. There’s room in the world for both.

I started my career at the digital agency Futureman and worked there for 7 years designing for clients including Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, The United Nations Foundation, Nike, and Venice Family Clinic.

I'm currently the Head of Design at MaxRewards, on a mission to enrich the lives and finances of billions by unlocking the max potential of every financial decision

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My work has been featured and published in a variety of publications including AIGA, Abuzeedo, Communication Arts, Land Book, UnderConsideration, Los Logos, and Mindsparkle Mag.

Tools of the Trade



The ultimate design tool. I use Figma for almost everything I design. It's highly flexible and extremely efficient to design in.


For vector based design I always stick with Illustrator, especially for logo design.


I still use photoshop on occasion for light photo editing and manipulation when more advanced work is required.


The no-code website builder of the future.

Final Cut Pro

Perfect for making Michael Bay lense flare cinematic marvels.

Productivity & Organization


A highly robuest tool to help keep documenation, notes and your life managed in.


Accelerate everything you do on your Mac without leaving your keyboard.


When something requires detailed explanation or walkthrough, Loom makes it easy with video screen recording


All your passwords and sensitive data in your own private vault.


The fastest email client ever made. Inbox 0 galore.


Paprika 3

My collection of tasty recipes in a beautifully designed app to stay energized for creative work.


Automatically generated fitness routines that you have customization control over.